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  • Igor Kartaleanu – I would take this opportunity to express sincere gratitude on behalf of my wife and myself to Svetlana in respect of the exemplary manner you have shown to ourselves and our "problem". Your approachable and informal style of client relationship combined with a clear grasp of the issues, enabled and encouraged a degree of confidence that we were in good hands, as the final result has ultimately demonstrated. Apart from achieving the best possible result, indeed better than we could have reasonably anticipated, your kind attention, concern and care for my wife on the day of the hearing was highly appreciated by both of us. I would have no hesitation in acting as a referee and recommending your services to those in need. Mr. Kartaleanu, Cork – March 2012


  • Yulia Cotovcenko – I really want to thank you very much for your professional advice. There are moments in life where professional people can make the difference and I feel I was in really "good hands" by taking you for this case. Yulia Cotovcenko – June 2012

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