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MODERN POLYGLOTS is a translations and interpreting company with headquarters in Cork and operating throughout Ireland and beyond. 

MODERN POLYGLOTS has started life as a Migrant Advice Centre and Translation Service in Moldova in 1994, in response to demand from individuals and companies, seeking solutions for implementation of translations and related services. Drawing on a considerable wealth of expertise – the Migrant Advice Centre was an instant success and quickly developed a reputation for unsurpassed quality and professionalism. Soon outgrowing both its premises and the limited purposes for which it had been established, the Company passed into Private ownership in 2011 changing its name to Modern Polyglots Legal Advice/Translations and Interpreting services and moving to Ireland to expand and grow.

In January 2013 the Company became a Limited Translations and Foreign Language Tuition Company. Further steady growth enabled the Company to expand into other cities in Ireland. Today, Modern Polyglots Limited has emerged as a leading player in its field in Ireland and beyond.

THERE ARE MANY reasons why our clients choose to use our services, the principal one is being confident in the excellent quality of our work. In fact, maintaining high professional standards in the translation industry is not always easy, particularly when dealing with technically challenging texts or languages that present typesetting complexities, or where tight turnarounds are required. Our quality control programmes are centered on two key pillars – using the best available personnel, and thorough checking systems.

BUILDING ON OUR INITIAL foundation of key specialists in Linguistics Modern Polyglots Limited has developed an extensive database of highly skilled contracting personnel over the years. Based mainly in Ireland, but also dotted around the globe, the exceptional calibre of our translators continues to provide us with clear quality advantages. With the added bonus of access to several hundred experienced and tertiary qualified translators through our Irish offices, the range of foreign language expertise is now available to Modern Polyglots Limited International Translations. As such, we are able to select the most appropriate person(s) from a range of available personnel for any specific assignment, this is an advantage of considerable importance for work in professional and technical fields.